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Plan, manage and analyze everything related to monetary flows.


How does your company benefit from implementing Treasury?


You have tools that support you by collecting or paying in different ways, assigning payments, managing banks and savings banks, reconciling bank accounts and – among others – managing arrears and aging balances. Treasury forms the backbone on which financial solidity is based. of the company.

With this, you manage and control the financial flows of the company.

Key Benefits for your Business with Treasury

Functional Integration

All activities that affect monetary flows are transparently integrated.

Data is captured only once and is consistent across processes.

Full scope

Capture payments and collections, manage banks and bank accounts, advances, assignments, cash flows, check printing and integration with Payroll.

Reliable reports

The reports are based on information from the operations, so it is possible to corroborate the results of the reports with a comparison of the documents generated from the operations.

Important features

Different types of Payment/Collection

  • Partial or total payments/collections.
  • Advances or prepayments.
  • Pay/collect several invoices in a single document.
  • Forgiveness of debt in payment/collection.
  • Assigned invoices directly reduce debt. In this way, this is immediately reflected in the balance aging report.
  • Credit notes assigned to invoices.

Bank Administration

  • Definition of banks, bank accounts
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Management of cash registers as virtual bank accounts.
  • Remittances between accounts.


  • Accounting entries of type “Forecast” can be imported into an account.
  • The comparison with accounting effects of the “Actual” type results in an analysis between budget and reality.

Old balances

Cash flow reports help you have a view of your liquidity status and be able to make decisions.

Detailed internal audit

  • The date of creation and modification of each document is documented. It is also documented who created the record and who modified it, as well as – for each field in the document – the value before the creation or change and the new value at the end of the transaction.
  • It is possible to configure audited fields.


  • Integration with Commissions and Payroll.
  • Integration with Projects.
  • Basis for calculating arrears.
  • Electronic payment.
  • Automatic accounting.
  • Payment schedule.

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