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Digitize your distribution with Solop

Sell ​​efficiently by digitizing your company.

Solop Distribuidoras

Do you need to implement software to manage your distributorship? 

Digitaliza tu distribución con Solop

Control your stock at all times and from anywhere



Let your purchases and sales be your priority, Solop organizes you and helps you with the management

Digitaliza tu distribución con Solop

How does Solop help your distribution company?

Eliminate paperwork and forms as much as possible. Solop simplifies your daily management by automating tasks, making information flow.

Process automation

Solop structures and automates the entire distribution process of your company.

Maximum speed and control to your workflows

The automation of tasks, the elimination of paper forms and online work reduce the time of distribution processes.


Real-time information

Instantly see the financial impact of changes as they occur and take steps to protect your bottom line.

Each role has everything it needs

Grant permissions to each position according to their task

Digitaliza tu distribución con Solop

Unify your information


Having all the information in a single place will allow you to eliminate the Excel spreadsheets that each member of your team maintains to carry out their daily tasks. The practicality of containing all the information in a single database will allow you to enter all the information once and reuse it whenever necessary, saving time and money.

Main features



Define manually or with system intelligence the current and future needs of your inventory according to real or simulated demands.

Purchase Orders

Order and progress, it is vital to have clear and precise information from the beginning of the purchase, leaving everything correctly documented as requested.

Reception and Storage

Use technology to give dynamics to your reception and storage processes, gaining time and accuracy in your tasks.

Picking, Packing, Shipping

Three simple and controlled steps to achieve success in your clients’ demands.

Know your inventory in detail

Manage Expirations, Lots and Serial Numbers on products, gaining information, avoiding losses due to forgetfulness or errors.

Sales orders

Organize your orders and have all the information you want to achieve exemplary service.

Order status

Thanks to professional distribution, you will know at all times the status of an order, delivered, picked or invoiced, providing your team with the information they need.


Manage your own store or with an interface to third-party stores.

Finance and Accounting 



Internally control your imports and accurately manage their correctly applied costs.


Organize attention to potential clients, always leaving the information within the company. Create and update possible opportunities and know their situation and actions that apply.

Detailed sales commissions

Automatically generate the calculation of commissions for your sellers, managing a detail never seen before, always keeping your team motivated to work as a team.

Requests attended to in a timely manner

Manage all communication within the company in a professional manner thanks to requests, allowing you to assign a comment or task to any document and assign it to whoever your solution corresponds to.


Invoice without errors and without forgetting anything.


Return request, approval and credit note

Old balances

Keep your focus on the bottom line.

Automatic bank reconciliation


Do you want to know how to choose a software
for distribution?

We designed the definitive guide to help you choose the software for
your distribution business and we present the options
available on the market to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

Use this book to learn about the different technological options
So you can:

• inform you
• assess
• compare
• select

Connect with your customers through multiple channels

Whether by phone, email, in person or on your website. Enter your orders automatically.

Conectate con tus clientes por múltiples canales

Benefits of using a warehouse management system

Here we offer you a free eBook with the 7 benefits you will obtain when using a warehouse management system