Financial Management

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Gestión financiera

How does Solop improve your Financial Management?

It reduces the complexity of accounting and allows accurate and instant accounting.

Traceability, consistency and security in all operations.

Benefits of Financial Management in your business

Integrated operations

Automatically generated accounting entries. Rapid generation of accounting reports with Solop automation and workflows.

Only version of reality

Online visibility of the company’s activities and performance. The different financial reports and reports come from the same database, therefore being completely consistent.

Analysis of information from different perspectives

Analyze your information from different financial perspectives, using Solop’s accounting dimensions.

Accurate and timely information

Improve your business performance with online information and metrics that will help you make better decisions.

Close your accounting periods with confidence

Accelerate your financial close while complying with best accounting practices.

Delve into the details

By navigating from a report to the accounting entry that produces it, you can analyze the cause and effect and understand the impact on the business.

Financial Management Business Processes

General Accounting

All documents automatically record each transaction, allowing accounting to be fully integrated into the company’s operations at all times.

Accounts Receivable

  • Easily and intuitively get a snapshot of the relationship with each customer.
    The system is responsible for providing the customer’s balance, paid invoices, and receivable balance.

Cuentas por Pagar

  • It provides an easy and intuitive overview of the relationship with each supplier.
  • The system is responsible for providing the balance with the supplier, the invoices paid and the balance payable.

Cash Management

  • All cash management is handled by the system.
  • From the daily cash opening, to the counting and closing of multiple boxes.
  • Integration with the Point of Sale.
  • Remittances to banks.
  • Payments to employees for purchases of consumables or fuel expenses.
  • Reports.

Bank Management

  • Manage all activities related to banks and bank accounts.
  • Full integration with other system modules, such as Human Resources.


  • Capture Collections and Payments.
  • Schedule Collections and Payments (Selection).
  • Integration with Accounting, Commissions, Payroll, Assets, Banks.
  • Cash flows, Boxes, Budgets.
  • Prepayments, Assignments.

Multi Currency Management

The use of several currencies is transparent:

    • Se selecciona una moneda como moneda base, en la que todas las transacciones financieras se guardarán.
    • Según sea necesario, se seleccionan otras monedas.
    • Las transacciones financieras se pueden hacer en cualquier moneda, aunque sólo se guarden en la moneda base.
    • La tasa de cambio diaria de las monedas adicionales en relación con la moneda base determinan el monto a ser guardado.
    • Los reportes financieros se pueden correr en cualquier moneda.

Electronic billing

Automatically transmits the receipts generated in the system to the regulatory entity.

Tax Management

  • Parameterize the corresponding taxes according to your regulations easily and safely.
  • Taxes have a validity and can be defined hierarchically.
  • Each product and charge can have its own tax defined.
  • Once Tax Accounting is configured, the system creates the accounting entries automatically.
  • Handle additional taxes such as withholdings with a unique setup.