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Executive Summary

Solop is a web-based business and financial management system that improves the productivity of your company. The software runs hosted in the cloud, so you can operate it from anywhere and on any device.

It can be used by medium-sized companies, or by companies with multiple units and hundreds of employees in multiple countries and currencies. Additionally, it provides a robust set of financial, business, service, procurement and accounting functions that can be used in any type of industry.

How will Solop improve your business?


As the person responsible for your business decisions, you probably wonder about the benefits you will obtain if you implement a good management system or, looking at it from another side, what is the cost of not having the appropriate system to manage your company.

Another question you may ask yourself is: will improving efficiency in my company by making processes more transparent and measurable result in savings that will generate greater profitability for my company?

Cloud-based technology

Unlike traditional client-server platforms, Solop was designed to operate without installing any files or components on the client’s computer. 

Powerful backend

It was developed with robust cutting-edge technology. Its structure in different “layers” provides economy in maintenance and solidity in management.

Friendly user interface

Its minimalist design consolidates a visual, controls and iconography linked to the intuitive and oriented towards a healthy user experience (UX).

Centralized security

Security issues were addressed by implementing strong user authentication, auditing, encryption, and server-based validation logic.

Describe las capas del software Solop

Platform Benefits

Quick customization

Built-in web-based customization tools let you change the appearance of screens, business logic, and database fields. Customizations are stored separately from the core application code so they can be easily exported. Additionally, updates and upgrades to the main app do not affect existing customizations.

Agile development.

New modules can be developed without worrying about HTML, CSS, HTTP and JavaScript. The core features that Solop developers used to create all Solop modules are available to value-added partners so your application can be customized and enhanced as your needs change.

Easy to maintain.

All customizations are stored in the database so you can back up code and data changes with a single backup process. Since there is no client software to maintain, backups are managed centrally.

Multi-level architecture.

The UI elements are completely separated from the business logic, which is separate from the database access layer.

Manage your company

Centralized process automation

Solop includes an integrated set of enterprise-class financial, sourcing, distribution, project accounting, customer management and manufacturing functionalities. These capabilities share a common relational database, so data is shared in real time across all capabilities, dashboards, and the reporting engine.

módulos del Solop ERP funcionalidades

An integrated data management system allows you to maintain business plans, policies, forecasts and procedures online and associate them with financial transactions to provide a complete view of your company. *Role policies allow people both inside and outside your company to use the system, always accessing only what is appropriate.

The result is the automation of the complete process that involves all aspects of your business. People, documents, materials, and processes are organized and coordinated using the business rules you establish.

*Role policies allow both internal users (collaborators) and external users (suppliers, clients, advisors, auditors, etc.) to the organization to interact with the system (only accessing what they are allowed to do or view).

By unifyingly managing all these elements in a cloud system, your company will obtain the following benefits:

Simplified audit: documents, comments, receipts, contracts are linked directly to all documents, such as invoices. This allows anyone to access linked and relevant content from a single place. Detailed system auditing allows you to know who created, modified or deleted any record. Bosses, managers, auditors and the users themselves have all the power in one click.

Customer lifecycle management: Data and documents are linked to customers throughout their business process. Leads can be acquired through a web form, assigned to sellers, converted to customers, and managed according to company policies. During that period, marketing, sales, customer service, finance, and other departments have access to consistent information.

Accurate sales forecasts and budgets: Centralized storage provides up-to-date data to ensure accurate business budgeting and planning. The ability to integrate different people (marketing, sales, finance, warehouse), different functionalities and different documents improves the forecasting process.

Better reporting: The integrated reporting engine provides speed and accuracy when viewing information. This means that any data that is in the system can be related to any other and shown to interested parties online and immediately. Once created, reports can be recorded and made available to authorized users. The inquiry screens provide navigation capabilities so you can locate documentation related to the transaction.


Involve everyone

A connected company is an empowered company, that means that your entire team is motivated to meet objectives.

Role-based security lets you control which users have access to exactly what data. A user’s access rights can be limited to specific documents, general ledger accounts, customers, suppliers, projects. As the Internet has shown, the value of a system is proportional to the number of people who use it.

roles distribucion sin logo

The following table summarizes some of the types of users who will benefit:

Type of user

Workers in the company
Remote or mobile workers (or geographically mobile)
Auditors. Investors, advisors
Clients, suppliers and employees

Why Solop?

Access Solop from the browser. No IT staff is required to maintain the system.
Solop does not require VPN or store data on the local computer, so security and maintenance issues are minimized.
Document-level access controls and auditing allow you to provide access to specific data, reports, and documents as read-only.
Solop facilitates visibility for users with limited access rights. In a few seconds, you can provide your customers, suppliers or employees with the partial visibility you want

Benefits and Functionalities

Does not require installing components on your device
Your team can access financial and customer management features from anywhere and on any device.
Investors and advisors can stay informed and up-to-date on financial results and business plans. Through roles, documents can be shared with specific people.
Customers can check order status and on-demand delivery using a browser. This reduces customer service costs while improving service. Suppliers can submit quotes online. Your employees can have their salary settlements, entry of hours and presentation of expenses.

As more and more users join the system, opportunities for collaboration and efficient information sharing increase. The amount of data circulating via email will decrease and customers will always have access to the documents they need.

Example: entry of hours

Problem: Many times companies need their employees to enter the hours they dedicate to certain jobs and to do so they ask employees to complete forms indicating the hours of entry and exit. Solop automates the entry of hours into the system, making this task very easy and fast.

Example: Reimbursement of expenses

Problem: When employees make expenses for the company using their own money, the process for returning the money spent is often quite cumbersome, since they must present proof of expenses or send them by email. Solop automates this process of requesting, approving and paying the expense reimbursement.

Individually managed, centrally controlled

Individual users can customize their windows, dashboards, and indicators to get the information they need quickly in grid or document format.

For example:

  • Salespeople can choose to include tasks, opportunities, leads, business accounts on their dashboard, and charts that show performance against their sales budget.
  • Finance can choose to create a dashboard with income, expenses, customer invoices due, and vendor invoices due.
  • Logistics can select to view orders that are pending delivery and levels of missing merchandise.
  • Each user can use ERP’s rapid, online deployment to easily create a customized dashboard. The tasks of each user are automatically displayed to present each user’s pending work.

Data uniqueness

The heart of Solop is a single, powerful database. In this way it is possible to share all types of information entered by all users instantly and throughout the company. This centralized structure avoids having to enter the same data several times, always reusing the entered data.

Management with accounting

Solop accounts directly from the operations and has the ability to generate accounting entries according to good “management accounting” practices.

Connect with whoever you want

In today’s world, it is proven that integration is vital for the efficiency of companies . The best business management platforms are not simple isolated and disconnected solutions but rather those that can be integrated with other systems that are used on a daily basis.

The great advantage of Solop ERP being a web-based system is its ease of connecting securely with third-party systems. These third-party systems can be from the general system or from the vertical system related to your company’s sector of activity.

Let’s see how Solop makes it possible

General connectivity 

User authentication

Solop allows you to use third parties to authenticate users before the ERP. This allows you to have the most secure forms of authentication to date with double authentication, system and telephone, if the company determines it.

Ways to authenticate users in Solop ERP:

  • Microsoft authenticator
  • Google authenticator
  • OKTA
  • Country exchange rates : Connection with the Central Bank to import exchange rates used

Banks: Import of company account statements

Credit cards: Import of company account statements

Electronic invoicing: Import of electronic invoices received from suppliers

Excel spreadsheets: uploading and downloading spreadsheets

Solop Vertical Connectivity
As an example, the connectivity of the Vertical Distribution:

  • Marketplace
  • eCommerce
  • Payment gateways
  • Distribution companies

Control panels and indicators by role


There is a lot of data that companies work with every day; There are many verification controls and important decisions that must be made and the success of the business will depend on them.

To facilitate the visualization of relevant information, Solop makes a data panel available to each role to display the information that each area defines as significant to verify compliance with its objectives.


The dashboard transforms data into information and makes it easier for the entire team to make decisions.

How does Solop transform data into information?

Depending on what you need to display, the user can select from the pre-configured elements, the type of element to display;

  • Graphic representations: pie, bar, trend
    Ranking Tables of best 10: sales to the best 10 clients
  • Comparative tables of different dates: Sales per customer today versus previous month
  • Indicators: % fulfillment of a goal
  • Values ​​of an element: number of orders entered
  • Can you imagine that every day, when you start your activity, your ERP provides you with updated information on the main indicators of your area of ​​responsibility?


Instantly updated data: visual information containing outstanding indicators, tables and graphs, relevant to each role.
Greater visibility. Real-time visibility of important information for each area substantially improves productivity.
Role-based security. Each member of your team only has access to the information appropriate for their role.


Today we cannot think of a modern system without allowing access from the mobility of a tablet or cell phone.

It is essential that the ERP system can be used in web environments in a complete or reduced way, eliminating the technology of virtual private networks (VPN), which are slow and already obsolete.

This allows your team to work in real time, in an integrated way and eliminate paper as much as possible.

Some examples of how mobility helps you productivity:

 App for sellers:

Taking orders, routes, price lists, available stock

Application for warehouse and logistics:

Stock counting, transfer between warehouses, product receipt, product picking, product weighing

Tracking application:

  • Delivery control, order tracking
  • Document approval application
  • Document approval by role
  • Application for loading hours
  • Load of hours, tasks, projects

Consolidate your operations

When a company has several units or investments to manage and control, the consolidation of information from its units becomes vital, and Solop helps you have the visibility you need.

A single Solop instance can support multiple organizations, which can be several different companies with different tax IDs or multiple business locations. This allows the entire operation to be managed centrally, with the same processes and saving many IT resources.

Same sector of activity

  • Consolidate companies with different RUT
  • Consolidates locations or units
  • Different sectors of activity


Solop technology provides unique advantages for companies that want to consolidate operations of multiple organizations.

Solop allows you to deploy just one system instead of multiple servers in multiple locations.

No installed software required: Since Solop works with any common browser and does not require a VPN, there is no need for application or system experts in remote offices.

Scalable: You can easily add application servers to an existing deployment to handle larger workloads.

Robust access controls: Role-based security allows you to control what information can be accessed from different locations.

Advanced financial features: A single system can manage different currencies, languages, tax logic, reporting requirements, and more, so consolidation doesn’t impact local business requirements.

Custom Reports: Flexible account and subaccount codes allow users to get the information they need customized for their particular location.


Apply the best practices of your industry

As companies grow, it is common for the ways of carrying out processes to evolve in step with the best intentions of the people who work. But this does not guarantee that industry best practices will be met.

Solop provides its deep knowledge and experience for your business, thanks to the hundreds of companies like yours, which already have Solop ERP.

The implementation of the best practices in the industry brings with it an increase in productivity.

Full integration

All modules, APIs and reports are updated in a centrally maintained database so all information is 100% up to date. The multi-layer architecture simplifies integration and improves data integrity and simplified module interaction.

With a proper warehouse management system, in short, you will be able to:

  • Track your team’s performance in real time
  • Handle exceptions efficiently
  • Improve efficiency of both stock and order fulfillment
  • Improve management costs
    Warehouse, platform and operations managers will have what they need to be effective and efficient.


Solop allows you to manage your business more effectively by providing you with a complete set of fully integrated functionalities.

It is built with a graphical web interface so you can deploy and maintain it cost-effectively, from anywhere and on any device.

Compared to enterprise-installed client-server solutions, Solop is less expensive to install and maintain, but offers similar features and benefits. Customization and development possibilities are easier and performance is comparable. Due to its marketing method, Solop offers all the functionalities at the same price, which is why it encourages the full use of the available technology, without forcing the contracting of new modules to continue automating processes. Solop, being web, has the most current technologies, such as connectivity and mobility.

Solop is a comprehensive platform for your business, which will allow you to manage it in a modern, secure way and with the best cost-benefit.

Do you want to boost your business today? We can accompany you.